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Studio Nouveau creates immersive multimedia crypto art and music. Their work has a striking, often abstract style that incorporates 3D digital sculptures, AI generated imagery, illustrations, music, and video effects.

Advocates of NFTs as a vehicle for scarce ownership of music, Studio Nouveau's first album "Audiovisual" was released summer 2020 as a set of ten 1 of 1 audiovisual NFTs on SuperRare.

Their recently finished second album "In Motion" was released track by track on multiple platforms, all single edition audiovisual NFTs, which are each accompanied by separate NFTs of the 3D sculpture featured in each piece.

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"Aesthetically Sound" Exhibition 1stDibs NFT

On October 20th 2021, Studio Nouveau will be releasing the final series of their 2nd NFT music album: "Portals" - a 3 part audiovisual series, featured as part of 1stDibs NFT's "Aesthetically Sound" Exhibition. 

Visit: 1stdibs.com/nft-collections

Studio Nouveau Decentraland Gallery

Studio Nouveau's new gallery is now live in Decentraland and open to all visitors!

Click here to visit

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Studio Nouveau in SuperRare Editiorial

(10/6/20) Read Studio Novueau's recent featured SuperRare editorial on the topic of crypto music!

"Crypto Music: A Way Forward for the Music Industry"

Studio Nouveau Featured for SuperRare AI and Generative Art Week

(Sep 2020) Studio Nouveau's sculpture "Sirens" was featured outside of the SuperRare Art Gallery in

Decentraland for AI and Generative Art Week!

Editorial: "SuperRare Generative and AI Art Week"

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"Audiovisual" is Studio Nouveau's first album of multimedia crypto music. It was originally released track by track between July to September 2020 on SuperRare: superrare.co/studionouveau

Each audiovisual piece contains sculpture images, paired with GAN generated landscapes, music tracks, and video effects.


In Motion

"In Motion" is Studio Nouveau's second album of multimedia crypto music. It was released track by track as single edition NFTs across different platforms, including SuperRare, Blockparty, MakersPlace, 1stDibs, and using a custom Manifold contract. This album introduces 3D choreographed compositions.